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Migration and labour choice in Albania

C. Azzarri, C. Carletto, B. Davis, A. Zezza [ 2008 ]
Very little analysis exists of the income-generating strategies of Albanian households, and how this relates to income dynamics, people’s mobility and poverty. Results show that agricultural, migration and human capital assets have a differential impact across livelihood choices, and that [...]

When could payments for environmental services benefit the poor?

Zilberman, D. Leslie Lipper, Nancy McCarthy  [ 2008 ]
Since modification of agricultural production choices in developing countries often provides positive environmental externalities to people in developed countries, payment for environmental services (PES) has become an important topic in the context of economic development and poverty reduction. We consider [...]
Los biocombustibles están provocando subidas en los precios de los productos agrícolas que dificultan el acceso a los alimentos de las poblaciones más vulnerables. Pero, al mismo tiempo, podrían favorecer mayores inversiones en productividad agrícola e infraestructuras rurales, lo que [...]

Seed interventions and cultivar diversity in pigeonpea.

A farmer based assessment in Eastern Kenya
Audi, Nagarajan, Jones [ 2008 ]
We have assessed the impact of three seed-based intervention programs on crop diversity levels of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajun) in the semi-arid districts of Kitui and Makueni in eastern Kenya. We adopted four-cell analysis along with focus-group discussions to determine [...]

The State of Food and Agriculture 2008

Biofuels: prospects, risks and opportunities
FAO [ 2008 ]
The State of Food and Agriculture 2008 explores the implications of the rapid recent growth in production of biofuels based on agricultural commodities. The boom in liquid biofuels has been largely induced by policies in developed countries, based on their [...]

The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2008

High food prices and food security – threats and opportunities
FAO [ 2008 ]
The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2008 represents FAO’s ninth progress report on world hunger since the 1996 World Food Summit (WFS). In previous editions, FAO has expressed deep concern over the lack of progress in reducing the [...]

Agency, education and networks: gender and international migration from Albania

Guy Stecklov, Calogero Carletto, Carlo Azzarri, Benjamin Davis [ 2008 ]
Our paper examines the causes and dynamics of the shift in the gender composition of migration, and more particularly, in the access of women to migration opportunities and decision making. We do this in the context of Albania, a natural [...]

Methods to monitor the human right to adequate food

An overview of approaches and tools
FAO [ 2008 ]
The Right to Food Guidelines are intended to provide practical guidance and advice to states in establishing priorities and in implementing ways to promote, protect and fulfil the right to adequate food in their own countries. These volumes are part [...]

The Right to Food

Putting it into practice
Frank Mischler, Margret Vidar, Michael Windfuhr [ 2008 ]
This overview of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Progressive Realization of the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of National Food Security is meant for users of the accompanying right-to-food briefs. The overview outlines the purpose, nature and contents [...]
This study examines the impact of biofuel production on the enjoyment of the human right to adequate food and the fundamental right of everyone to be free from hunger. It follows from internationally recognised human rights that States have a [...]