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Synthesis Report: Planning for the future

Assessment of food security early warning systems in sub-Saharan Africa.
Mark McGuire, James Tefft  [ 2006 ]
The crippling famines of the 1970s and 1980s in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), which claimed the lives of millions of people and forced millions more into destitution, prompted the development of early warning systems (EWS) across the continent. Governments, regional institutions and development partners [...]

Why does the Philippines import rice?

Meeting the challenge of trade liberalization
Dawe, Moya, Casiwan  [ 2006 ]
A perpetual question on the minds of many Filipinos is “Why do we import rice, and why can’t we produce enough of our staple food to feed ourselves?” Many answers have been given to this question, many of which injure national [...]

The State of Food and Agriculture 2006

Food aid for food security?
FAO [ 2006 ]
The State of Food and Agriculture 2006 examines the issues and controversies surrounding international food aid and seeks to find ways to preserve its essential humanitarian role while minimizing the possibility of harmful secondary impacts. Food aid has rightly been [...]
Wheat is central to the government of Egypt’s food security policy which is based on increasing self-sufficiency in wheat on the one hand and subsidizing bread for consumers on the other hand. This paper uses a multi-market approach to assess [...]
This paper offers an overview of land reform processes in the CEECs and their outcomes and impacts and analyzes current and emerging structures in rural areas. Different types of land consolidation are defined and their potential impacts are assessed. The [...]
This article examines the decision of farmers to sell part of their farm output on the market, using data from the Republic of Georgia. A two-level empirical model is used, in which endowments and resource allocation decisions determine farm output [...]
This article reviews key conceptual issues related to the development of the rural non-farm economy (RNFE) in a transition context and analyses available empirical evidence on the role of RNFE during recovery from the transition recession. Growth in the RNFE [...]
This study addresses issues central to the mandate of the Global Donor Platform, drawing on experiences from across the developing world and from a variety of donors in attempting to harmonize their efforts through providing programmatic support to the agriculture [...]
The paper emphasizes the importance of embedded institutions for the transformation of the agricultural sector and rural economies in the transition countries and identifies and analyses institutional aspects regarding agriculture and rural development common to the transition countries. It focuses [...]

Food security responses to the protracted crisis context of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Koen Vlassenroot, Salomé Ntububa, Timothy Raeymaekers [ 2006 ]
This report tests the hypothesis that there is a critical paradox between the dynamic features of food insecurity and static policy response in a protracted emergency context. It does so by presenting a review of the food security situation and [...]