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Investing back home: return migration and business ownership in Albania

Talip Kilic, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza [ 2007 ]
In view of its increasing importance, and the dearth of information on return migration and its impacts on source households, this study uses data from the 2005 Albania Living Standards Measurement Study survey and assesses the impact of past migration [...]
The present paper describes the benefits and costs, in qualitative terms, of managing food price instability in Asia in the context of promoting economic growth and poverty reduction to improve food security. The experience of Asian governments in actual practice [...]

Agricultural policy impact analysis with multi-market models: a primer

André Croppenstedt, Lorenzo Giovanni Bellú, Fabrizio Bresciani, Stefania DiGiuseppe [ 2007 ]
Many governments intervene directly in agricultural product, in particular food, markets. A quantitative assessment of the impact of the policy changes on the desired objectives is important as it helps inform and shape the policy debate on the reform alternatives [...]

Rural development and poverty reduction: is agriculture still the key?

Gustavo Anríquez, Kostas Stamoulis [ 2007 ]
This paper examines the relationship between rurality and poverty, and the role the agricultural sector can play in rural development, poverty reduction, and overall development. The historical views regarding the role of the primary sector in development are presented, and [...]
This paper documents a relationship between non-farm income (primarily earnings and pensions) and agricultural outlays in Bulgaria, using the 2003 Multitopic Household Survey. The outcomes analyzed are expenditures on working capital (variable inputs such as feed, seed, and herbicides) and [...]

Will buying tropical forest carbon benefit the poor?

Evidence from Costa Rica
Kerr, S. Leslie Lipper, Alexander S.P. Pfaff  [ 2007 ]
We review claims linking both payments for carbon and poverty to deforestation. We examine these effects empirically for Costa Rica during the late 20th century using an econometric approach that addresses the irreversibilities in deforestation. We find significant effects of [...]

Understanding the dynamics of food insecurity and vulnerability in Himachal Pradesh

N.S. Bist, M. Tiwary, C.S. Vaidya, M. Punjabi, S. Vasan, M. Knowles, C.R. Lovendal, K.T. Jakobsen [ 2007 ]
This paper documents the main findings of the vulnerable profiling work carried out in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India, as a mean to support the planning of food security and livelihoods promoting interventions at the state level. A similar [...]

An assessment of the impact of higher yields for maize, soybean and cassava in Indonesia: A multi-market model approach

Bambang Sayaka, Sumaryanto, Masjidin Siregar, André Croppenstedt, Stefania DiGiuseppe [ 2007 ]
The changing structure of food demand will generate pressure to diversify away from cereals. It is therefore important that cereal productivity increases be maintained to free land as well as to meet the rising demand for animal feed. This study [...]

An assessment of the impact of rice tariff policy in Indonesia: A multi-market model approach

Bambang Sayaka, Sumaryanto, André Croppenstedt, Stefania DiGiuseppe [ 2007 ]
Rice is of key importance to Indonesia’s national and household level food security. The choice of tariff policy has important implications for consumers and producers with policy makers having to decide between the trade-offs implied for the various stakeholders. In [...]

Long-term rural demographic trends

Gustavo Anríquez [ 2007 ]
This paper studies rural demographic trends at the global level with an analysis of a specially prepared database of population age/gender/rurality tables from population censuses. The focus is to identify the main demographic differences in the evolution of rural and [...]