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Right to Food and HIV / AIDS

FOCUS ON series
FAO [ 2007 ]
Enabling people to feed themselves is the primary obligation of states. When individuals are unable to do so, in cases such as when HIV/AIDS makes them physically incapable or when loss of infected parents leaves orphans struggling, the state is [...]

The State of Food and Agriculture 2007

Paying farmers for environmental services
FAO [ 2007 ]
The State of Food and Agriculture 2007 explores the potential for agriculture to provide enhanced levels of environmental services alongside the production of food and fibre. The report concludes that demand for environmental services from agriculture – including climate change [...]
This report reviews gender issues in Liberia’s agriculture and rural sector with a special focus on rural women and how to improve their participation and contribution to rural development. The report reviews women’s roles in agriculture and the rural economy; [...]

Rural income generating activities in developing countries: re-assessing the evidence

Gero Carletto, Katia Covarrubias, Benjamin Davis, Marika Krausova, Kostas Stamoulis, Paul Winters, Alberto Zezza [ 2007 ]
This paper contributes to the understanding of the dynamics of developing country rural labour markets by re-evaluating the available evidence on the levels and composition of income sources adopted by rural households in order to understand the relationship between the [...]
The paper discusses the economic effects of misallocation of public expenditures in favor of private goods rather than public goods. It first lays out certain key hypotheses regarding the consequences of the apparent public sector allocation inefficiency and the factors [...]

Migration and rural development

Robert E.B. Lucas [ 2007 ]
The paper summarizes the key routes through which internal and international migration impact rural development and some of the evidence pertaining to these effects in low income countries. It concludes that, although the study of migration impacts on rural economies [...]

Toward a territorial approach to rural development

Alain de Javnry, Elisabeth Sadoulet [ 2007 ]
This paper explores a territorial approach to rural development in Latin America. It first reviews evidence that progress in rural social development has not been accompanied by reductions in income poverty and inequality. It then assesses qualitative changes that have [...]
This paper uses a duration analysis based on adoption data spanning over 25 years from six communities in the Central Highlands of Guatemala to explore how household characteristics and external trends play into both the adoption and diffusion processes of [...]
In developing countries, when markets are incomplete migration can have multiple effects on agricultural production. In this paper, I use instrumental variables techniques to explore the effects of seasonal migration on agricultural production in rural Viet Nam during the 1990s. [...]

Right to food and gender

FAO [ 2007 ]
All over the world, unequal access to power and resources is central to discrimination against women in the community, market, state and even within their own households. Correcting this inequality is vital to realize women’s right to food. Unequal distribution [...]