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A significant body of evidence now exists that examines the motivations behind public opposition to the siting of waste or [...]

Explaining success in reducing under-nourishment numbers in Ghana

Emmanuel Aggrey-Fynn, Godsway Banini, Andre Croppenstedt, Yvonne Owusu-Agyapong, George Oduru [ 2003 ]
In particular public sector and private formal sector employees and export farmers benefited from the complete turnaround in the macroeconomic [...]
Using a nationally representative dataset, and information on why farmers did not purchase fertilizer, the authors estimate a double-hurdle fertilizer [...]
This paper presents what I see as the top five policy challenges for global food security. The five are not [...]

Cross entropy estimation of the almost ideal demand system for Greek consumption

G. Rapsomanikis, K. Balcombe, S. Klonaris  [ 2003 ]
Cross entropy is used to estimate the Almost Ideal Demand System for consumption in Greece. The entropy estimates are found [...]
World agriculture: towards 2015/2030 is FAO’s latest assessment of the long-term outlook for the world’s food supplies, nutrition and agriculture. [...]

Choosing a method for poverty mapping

Benjamin Davis [ 2003 ]
Poverty and food security are heterogeneous phenomena in most countries; types and depth of poverty, measured in different ways, vary [...]

Nutrition intake and economic growth: Studies on the cost of hunger

Kiyoshi Taniguchi, Xiaojun Wang  [ 2003 ]
This publication contains three in-depth studies on the cost of hunger. These studies: 1) review the theoretical background to and [...]

The right to adequate food in emergencies

FAO legislative study number 77
Lorenzo Cotula, Margret Vidar [ 2003 ]
This study analyses the normative content of the right to adequate food in emergency situations, examining the provisions of human [...]
This paper contains the main results of a FAO study on staple food prices and real wages in Afghanistan during [...]