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This paper analyzes the links between agriculture and tourism. A contingent valuation study assesses tourist’s willingness to pay (WTP) for [...]
This paper uses cross-sectional data from Mexico before and after the 1994 peso crisis to analyze rural household vulnerability to [...]

Social viability roles of the agricultural sector in China

Tian Weiming, Liu Xiumei, Kang Xia [ 2004 ]
This study assesses how the transfer of rural labor to non-farm sectors affects China’s national economy and the role the [...]

Poverty and agricultural growth: Chile in the 1990s

Ramón López, Gustavo Anríquez [ 2004 ]
This paper analyzes the roles of agriculture in reducing poverty. Following the methodology proposed by López (2002), three channels by [...]
This inaugural edition of e-JADE presents a set of seven articles that shed new light on one of [...]
The present study shows how to use a simulation approach to quantify the effects of making a futures market available [...]
Increasing problems of rural unemployment in Indonesia are at the core of this report. Numbers of unemployed increased dramatically after [...]
Eggs have been important elements of cooking and nutrition in Indonesia for centuries, mostly supplied from ducks and backyard chickens. [...]
This paper aims to provide an overview of issues associated with the economics of food safety in developing countries. It [...]

Anti-Hunger Programme: A twin-track approach to hunger reduction

Priorities for national and international action
FAO [ 2003 ]
The world now produces much more food than is required to provide everyone with an adequate diet, yet 840 million [...]