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While Nicaragua over the past decade has ranked among the poorest countries in Latin America in terms of per capita [...]

Gender and Law, women’s rights in agriculture

FAO legislative study number 76
Lorenzo Cotula [ 2002 ]
Throughout the world, women constitute a large portion of the economically active population engaged in agriculture, both as farmers and [...]

Gender, networks and Mexico-US migration

Benjamin Davis, Paul Winters [ 2002 ]
In this paper, we examine whether the causes and patterns of Mexican rural female migration differ significantly from rural male [...]
This article explores the role of migrant networks in Mexican rural out-migration focusing on how network composition influences rural-to-rural, rural-to-urban, [...]
In recent years, there has been increasing emphasis in the rural development literature on the multiple income-generating activities undertaken by [...]

Cash transfer with income multiplier: PROCAMPO in Mexico

E. Sadoulet, A. de Janvry, B. Davis [ 2001 ]
Cash transfer programs induce multiplier effects when recipients put the money they receive to work to generate additional income. The [...]
International trade agreements are pushing the world in the direction of free trade. But price stabilization, which is inconsistent with [...]

The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2001

Food insecurity – when people live with hunger and fear starvation
FAO [ 2001 ]
The State of Food Insecurity in the World reports on global and national efforts to reach the goal set by [...]

The State of Food and Agriculture 2001

Economic impacts of transboundary plant pests and animal diseases
FAO [ 2001 ]
Five years after the World Food Summit, and at the beginning of the twenty-first century, The State of Food and [...]
Since 1988 the ejido sector in Mexico has been buffeted by a series of policy changes and exogenous shocks that [...]