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This set of briefs presents the major debates emerged during the development and adoption of the India’s National Food Security Act (2013), which legally binds national and state governments to extend far-reaching social protection to the country’s population. It includes [...]

Achieving Zero Hunger

The critical role of investments in social protection and agriculture
FAO, IFAD and WFP [ 2015 ]
This paper provides estimates of investment costs, both public and private, required to eliminate chronic dietary energy deficits, or to achieve zero hunger by 2030. This target is consistent with achieving both the Sustainable Development Goal 2, to eliminate hunger [...]
This brief summarizes the results of analyses of Shan tea and Arabica coffee value chains in the Northern Mountainous Region of Viet Nam in order to better understand how they are affected by climate change and their potential to be [...]
In recent years, government's investments in agriculture have focused on increasing land under irrigation, subsidizing inputs, strengthening the agricultural extension service and reforming agricultural sector institutions through the privatization of a number of parastatals. Although agriculture represents the largest contributor [...]
In Senegal, the government has given great importance and priority to the development and promotion of national rice production to achieve self-sufficiency by 2017. Besides, emphasis has been placed on risk management with the creation of the National Agricultural Insurance [...]

State food provisioning as social protection

Debating India’s national food security law
Harsh Mander [ 2015 ]
This book provides an overview of the most important debates which ensued in the four and a half years of the official writing and consideration of the India’s National Food Security Act food law, which legally binds national and state [...]
The government of Burundi has timidly decreased State involvement in strategic value chains, with a view to open the market, enhance effectiveness, and reduce the fiscal deficit. With regards to social protection, no specific national programmes are in place, though [...]

Livelihood diversification and vulnerability to poverty in rural Malawi

Solomon Asfaw, Nancy McCarthy, Adriana Paolantonio, Romina Cavatassi, Mulubrhan Amare and Leslie Lipper [ 2015 ]
Climate variability, associated with farm-income variability, is recognized as one of the main drivers of livelihood diversification strategies in developing countries. Analysing determinants of livelihood diversification choices, to better understand household strategic behaviour in the event of climatic risks and [...]
This brief explains the FIRST programme, an outcome of the partnership between FAO and the EU. The main purpose of the FIRST programme is to strengthen the enabling environment for food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture in selected priority [...]
The Programme aims at providing technical and analytical as well as capacity development support to relevant regional institutions and national government institutions involved in food and nutrition security, and resilience analysis for policy and programming design purposes.