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Reversal of rice yield decline in a long-term continuous cropping experiment

A Dobermann, D Dawe, R Roetter, KG Cassman [ 2000 ]
In a long-term continuous cropping experiment at Los Baños, Philippines, three rice (Oryza sativa L.) crops were grown each year [...]
In this article we focus on the link between nutrition and health and labor productivity. The link between productivity and [...]

How widespread are yield declines in long-term experiments in Asia?

D Dawe D, A Dobermann, P Moya, S Abdulrachman, Bijay-Singh, P Lal, SY Li, B Lin, G Panaullah, O Sariam, Y Singh, A Swarup, PS Tan, QX Zhen [ 2000 ]
This paper analyzes yield trends in 30 long-term experiments (LTEs) conducted at 24 sites with intensive rice monoculture or rice-upland [...]

Effects of nonfarm employment on rural income inequality in developing countries: An investment perspective

Reardon, T., J.E. Taylor, K.G. Stamoulis P. Lanjouw and A. Balisacan [ 2000 ]
This paper makes several points based on a review of household survey evidence from Africa, Asia and Latin America. (i) [...]
Using data from a representative 1989 household survey for Italy we estimate random-coefficient earnings frontiers by gender, marital status and [...]

Gender, networks and Mexico-U.S. Migration

B. Davis, P. Winters  [ 2000 ]
In this paper, we examine whether the causes and patterns of Mexican rural female migration differ significantly from rural male [...]
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