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Rural income generating activities: Whatever happened to the institutional vacuum?

Evidence from Ghana, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Vietnam
Alberto Zezza, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Kostas Stamoulis, Paul Winters  [ 2009 ]
This paper assesses the current rural development practice against the main trends in recent rural development thinking, based on evidence [...]
Droughts are common recurring natural hazards in Asia, and El Niño events are particularly severe in the Philippines. This paper [...]

Preference variability along the policy chain in Vietnam

C. Leigh Anderson, Alison Cullen, Kostas Stamoulis [ 2008 ]
This paper explores whether there are systematic differences in decision-making between those who regularly allocate public resources and those who [...]
This article questions the effectiveness and viability of Tax to Fee reform (Fee Gai Shui) on water resources and agriculture production. [...]
Geography suggests that Indonesia will continue as a net rice importer for the foreseeable future, because it is an island [...]
Os programas de Transferência Condicionada de Renda (TCR) passaram a dominar o setor de proteção social na América Latina e [...]

Poverty, risk and soil carbon sequestration

J. Graff-Zivin, Leslie Lipper  [ 2008 ]
We explore poor farmers' incentives to adopt production systems that increase soil carbon sequestration, focusing on the impact of risk. [...]
Using data from the 2003 Albania Panel Survey, the paper sets out to achieve two main objectives. First, we fully characterize [...]
The extent to which commodity price volatility affects the income of producing households and their vulnerability to poverty and food [...]

Are large numbers of competitive traders sufficient for a well-performing marketing system?

Rice marketing margins in the Philippines and Thailand
D. Dawe, P. Moya, C. Casiwan, J. Cabling [ 2008 ]
Rice marketing margins are substantially greater in the Philippines than in Thailand despite many similarities between the two systems and [...]