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Maize diversity is important to the livelihoods of millions of farmers in Mexico, the crop's centre of origin; to maize [...]
This paper compares the degree of openness to trade of three developed countries markets—the European Union, Japan, the United States—with [...]
Cet article propose une mise en perspective des PAC africaines avec celle de l’Union Européenne (UE), qui européenne bénéficie d’une [...]
Community-driven development programmes are an increasingly common component of poverty reduction strategies. Most have been on a small-scale so far, [...]

Iron supplementation compliance among pregnant women in Bicol, Philippines

P Schipull, D. Dawe, E. Villate, M. De Sagun, S. Valencia, O. Lopez [ 2008 ]
Objective: To quantify factors influencing iron supplementation compliance and haemoglobin (Hb) concentrations among pregnant women participating in an iron supplementation [...]

Community based approaches to prevent and control malnutrition

K. Tontisirin, L. Bhattacharjee [ 2008 ]
Community based nutrition programmes (CBNP) are increasingly being seen as a key turning point in implementation strategies leading to food [...]

Migration and labour choice in Albania

C. Azzarri, C. Carletto, B. Davis, A. Zezza [ 2008 ]
Very little analysis exists of the income-generating strategies of Albanian households, and how this relates to income dynamics, people’s mobility [...]

When could payments for environmental services benefit the poor?

Zilberman, D. Leslie Lipper, Nancy McCarthy  [ 2008 ]
Since modification of agricultural production choices in developing countries often provides positive environmental externalities to people in developed countries, payment [...]
Los biocombustibles están provocando subidas en los precios de los productos agrícolas que dificultan el acceso a los alimentos de [...]

Seed interventions and cultivar diversity in pigeonpea.

A farmer based assessment in Eastern Kenya
Audi, Nagarajan, Jones [ 2008 ]
We have assessed the impact of three seed-based intervention programs on crop diversity levels of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajun) in [...]