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Guide on legislating for the right to food

Dubravka Bojic Bultrini, Margret Vidar, Lidija Knuth [ 2009 ]
In recent years, a number of countries have begun drafting specific legislation aimed at ensuring or promoting the realization of [...]
This guide has been written to assist countries in undertaking a right to adequate food assessment as a first step [...]

Methods to monitor the human right to adequate food

Making the case for rights-focused and rights-based monitoring
FAO [ 2009 ]
These Methods to Monitor the Human Right to Adequate Food are intended to assist countries that are committed to the [...]

Mind maps

FAO [ 2008 ]
Mind Maps are a powerful graphic technique that can be applied to all aspects of life where improved learning and [...]

E-mail guidelines

FAO [ 2008 ]
Electronic mail, or e-mail, is one of the most commonly used communication tools in the modern business environment, increasing the [...]

Group development

FAO [ 2008 ]
This tool enables teams to work through five stages towards a 'shared responsibility'. Either face-to-face or virtually, teams can go [...]

Challenge sessions

FAO [ 2008 ]
A Challenge Session is a structured problem-solving framework which aims at creating changes in the way groups or individuals think [...]

Action learning sets

FAO [ 2008 ]
Action Learning Sets are a structured method enabling small groups to address complicated issues by meeting regularly and working collectively. [...]
Organizational learning requires a continuous assessment of organizational performance, looking at successes and failures. This ensures that learning takes place [...]
This guide gives an introduction to the basic concepts of food security, including its four dimensions.
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