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The training manual originally published by InWent has now been translated, with EC-FAO programme support, into Russian.
This practical guide gives guidelines and suggestions for writing effective high impact policy briefs.

Methods to monitor the human right to adequate food

An overview of approaches and tools
FAO [ 2008 ]
The Right to Food Guidelines are intended to provide practical guidance and advice to states in establishing priorities and in [...]

The Right to Food

Putting it into practice
Frank Mischler, Margret Vidar, Michael Windfuhr [ 2008 ]
This overview of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Progressive Realization of the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of [...]
This document is a guide for implementing one such option, the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS), which is an [...]
Household food access is defined as the ability to acquire sufficient quality and quantity of food to meet all household [...]

How to analyze budgets

As a way to monitor, evaluate and influence the realization of the right to food
FAO [ 2007 ]
Budget analysis is crucial in evaluating government decisions about allocation and distribution of scarce resources among competing priorities, and whether [...]
Developing a strategy to implement the right to food must begin by evaluating the current situation. Right to Food Guideline* [...]
Vigilar a través de la recolección periódica, el análisis y la interpretación, y la diseminación de información relevante es crucial [...]
Legislative measures for the implementation of the human right to adequate food are highlighted both in the International Covenant on [...]
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