Agricultural Development Economics

Manuals and guidelines

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This document is a guide for implementing one such option, the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS), which is an [...]
Household food access is defined as the ability to acquire sufficient quality and quantity of food to meet all household [...]

How to analyze budgets

As a way to monitor, evaluate and influence the realization of the right to food
FAO [ 2007 ]
Budget analysis is crucial in evaluating government decisions about allocation and distribution of scarce resources among competing priorities, and whether [...]
Developing a strategy to implement the right to food must begin by evaluating the current situation. Right to Food Guideline* [...]
Vigilar a través de la recolección periódica, el análisis y la interpretación, y la diseminación de información relevante es crucial [...]
Legislative measures for the implementation of the human right to adequate food are highlighted both in the International Covenant on [...]
Desarrollar una estrategia para poner en práctica el derecho a la alimentación debe comenzar por evaluar la situación actual. La [...]
Monitoring through the periodic collection, analysis and interpretation, and dissemination of relevant information is critical to know whether progress is [...]

Right to Food

Lessons learned in Brazil
FAO [ 2007 ]
One-third of Brazil’s export earnings come from agriculture, yet in 2004, 72 million of its 185 million residents were affected [...]

The right to food in practice

Implementation at the national level
FAO [ 2006 ]
This paper gives practical guidance as to how to implement the right to food at the national level, with examples [...]
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