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Food Price Volatility and the Right to Food

Right to Food Issues Brief 1
FAO [ 2011 ]
Volatility, in terms of significant and frequent changes in the direction and magnitude of food prices, results in harmful effects [...]

Land tenure, investments and the right to food

Issues Brief 2
FAO [ 2011 ]
The escalating rate of competition over natural resources has reached important levels. Data on leases and acquisitions of large tracts [...]

Safer street foods

FAO [ 2011 ]
A large part of the urban population in Bangladesh, particularly from the lower income groups, meets a substantial part of [...]
This policy brief is prepared based on the findings of the recently concluded food security related sectoral policy review work [...]
Safety net programmes have proved to be a useful instrument to tackle hunger and malnutrition in Bangladesh. However, insufficient co-ordination [...]
Bangladesh has made significant progress in boosting national food production. However, a large part of the population still lacks access [...]
As in many South Asian countries, diabetes is an important and growing health problem in Bangladesh. To a large degree, [...]
On the road to Copenhagen, agriculture emerged as a key area for mitigation action, particularly in developing countries. A dedicated [...]
This article argues that there is a gap in current Mexican rural development policy that could be filled by a [...]
This policy brief seeks to inform negotiators where agriculture is situated in the current negotiations and provides some proposals on [...]
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