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As in many South Asian countries, diabetes is an important and growing health problem in Bangladesh. To a large degree, [...]
On the road to Copenhagen, agriculture emerged as a key area for mitigation action, particularly in developing countries. A dedicated [...]
This article argues that there is a gap in current Mexican rural development policy that could be filled by a [...]
This policy brief seeks to inform negotiators where agriculture is situated in the current negotiations and provides some proposals on [...]
When emergency situations continue for years or even decades achieving food security becomes an overwhelming challenge. This policy brief aims [...]
Farming practices, which capture carbon and store it in agricultural soils, offer some of the most promising options for cost effective, [...]

Millet and sorghum seed in the Sahel, Mali

Smale, Diakité, Grum, [ 2009 ]
Malian farmers have accumulated knowledge about managing millet and sorghum seed over thousands of years in the Sahel. In response [...]
There are no easy solutions to the ongoing food price crisis. Maize and wheat prices doubled between 2003 and 2008, [...]

Minor millet seed in Tamil Nadu, India

Smale, Cohen, Nagarajan [ 2009 ]
Minor millets are a group of annual grasses found mainly in arid and semi-arid regions. They are cultivated on 29.1 [...]

Pigeonpea seed in semi-arid areas, Kenya

Audi, P., L. Nagarajan, R. Jones, M. Smale [ 2008 ]
Smallholder producers in marginal and semiarid areas of eastern Kenya have not benefited greatly from research investments made in improvement [...]
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