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Livelihood diversification and vulnerability to poverty in rural Malawi

Solomon Asfaw, Nancy McCarthy, Adriana Paolantonio, Romina Cavatassi, Mulubrhan Amare and Leslie Lipper [ 2015 ]
Climate variability, associated with farm-income variability, is recognized as one of the main drivers of livelihood diversification strategies in developing [...]

An in-depth review of the evolution of integrated public policies to strength family farms in Brazil

ESA Working Papers 15-01
Del Grossi, M.E. and Marques, V.P.M. de A [ 2015 ]
From 2003, the Zero Hunger Program and subsequently, in 2011, the Brazil Without Poverty Plan, marked a deliberate convergence of [...]

Food security impact of agricultural technology adoption under climate change. Micro-evidence from Niger

ESA Working Papers 14-12
Solomon Asfaw, Federica Di Battista and Leslie Lipper [ 2015 ]
We assess farmers' incentives and the conditioning factors that hinder or promote adoption of agricultural technologies under climate risk and [...]

Food security and adaptation impacts of potential climate smart agricultural practices in Zambia

ESA Working Papers 14-13
Aslihan Arslan, Nancy McCarthy, Leslie Lipper, Solomon Asfaw, Andrea Cattaneo and Misael Kokwe [ 2015 ]
This paper analyzes how a set of widely promoted agricultural practices, including reduced tillage, crop rotations, legume intercropping as well [...]

Identifying the “family farm”. An informal discussion of the concepts and definitions

ESA Working Papers 14-10
Elizabeth Garner and Ana Paula de la O Campos [ 2015 ]
The definition of family farm varies across countries and contexts. We reviewed 36 definitions and uses of the term “family [...]
The food security commitment and capacity profile (FSCCP) is a tool that was developed by FAO to assess and track [...]

What do we really know about the number and distribution of farms and family farms in the world?

Background paper for The State of Food and Agriculture 2014
ESA Working Papers 14-02
Sarah K. Lowder, Jakob Skoet and Saumya Singh [ 2014 ]
The agricultural economics literature provides various estimates of the number of farms and small farms in the world. This paper [...]

Climate variability, adaptation strategies and food security in Malawi

ESA Working Papers 14-08
Solomon Asfaw, Nancy McCarthy, Leslie Lipper, Aslihan Arslan, Andrea Cattaneo and Mutie Kachulu [ 2014 ]
This paper assesses farmers’ incentives and conditioning factors that hinder or promote adaptation strategies and evaluates its impact on crop [...]

The challenges of managing agricultural price and production risks in sub-Saharan Africa

ESA Working Paper 14-09
ESA Working Papers 14-09
L. Antonaci, M. Demeke and A. Vezzani [ 2014 ]
Agricultural production is prone to several risks which affect both producers and consumers. In order to enhance investment and achieve [...]

Contributing to the eradication of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition: lessons from Bangladesh

ESA Working Paper 14-06
ESA Working Papers 14-06
Marie Jo A. Cortijo  [ 2014 ]
This paper assesses Bangladesh’s progress towards eradicating hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition, and how the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening [...]
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