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Does migration make rural households more productive? Evidence from Mexico

ESA Working Paper 07-10
ESA Working Papers
J. Edward Taylor, Alejandro López-Feldman [ 2007 ]
The migration of labor out of rural areas and the flow of remittances from migrants to rural households is an increasingly [...]

Investing back home: return migration and business ownership in Albania

ESA Working Paper 07-08
ESA Working Papers
Talip Kilic, Calogero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza [ 2007 ]
In view of its increasing importance, and the dearth of information on return migration and its impacts on source households, [...]

Determinants of investment in Bulgarian family farming

ESA Working Papers 07-07
ESA Working Papers
Tom Hertz [ 2007 ]
This paper documents a relationship between non-farm income (primarily earnings and pensions) and agricultural outlays in Bulgaria, using the 2003 [...]
This paper investigates the impact of migration and remittances on asset holdings, consumption expenditures, and credit constraint status of households [...]

Seasonal migration and agriculture in Viet Nam

ESA Working Paper 07-04
ESA Working Papers
Alan De Brauw [ 2007 ]
In developing countries, when markets are incomplete migration can have multiple effects on agricultural production. In this paper, I use [...]

Non-traditional exports, traditional constraints: the adoption and diffusion of cash crops among smallholders in Guatemala

ESA Working Paper 07-03
ESA Working Papers
Calogero Carletto, Angeli Kirk, Paul Winters, Benjamin Davis [ 2007 ]
This paper uses a duration analysis based on adoption data spanning over 25 years from six communities in the Central [...]

Rural development and poverty reduction: is agriculture still the key?

ESA Working Paper 07-02
ESA Working Papers
Gustavo Anríquez, Kostas Stamoulis [ 2007 ]
This paper examines the relationship between rurality and poverty, and the role the agricultural sector can play in rural development, [...]

Governance and rural public expenditures in Latin America: The impact on rural development

ESA Working Paper 07-01
ESA Working Papers
Gustavo Anríquez [ 2007 ]
In this paper we examine the effects of the composition (between private and public goods) of government expenditures in the [...]

The role of crop genetic diversity in coping with agricultural production shocks: insights from eastern Ethiopia

ESA Working Paper 06-17
ESA Working Papers
Romina Cavatassi, Jeffrey Hopkins, Leslie Lipper [ 2006 ]
Improving agricultural productivity and farm level resilience to agricultural production shocks is a critical component of reducing poverty and improving [...]

Sowing the seeds of social relations: The role of social capital in crop diversity

ESA Working Paper 06-16
ESA Working Papers
Paul Winters, Romina Cavatassi, Leslie Lipper [ 2006 ]
This paper explores the relationship between social capital and crop diversity. The study is conducted in an area of Ethiopia [...]