Agricultural Development Economics

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Assessing the impact of massive out-migration on agriculture

ESA Working Papers 06-14
Nancy McCarthy, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Irini Maltsoglou [ 2006 ]
Over the past several years, rural areas in transition countries have experienced a structural transformation of their agricultural sectors combined [...]

Measuring vulnerability to food insecurity

ESA Working Papers 06-12
Pasquale Scaramozzino  [ 2006 ]
This paper develops a novel approach to the analysis of vulnerability in the context of food security. The proposed methodology [...]

Food aid in response to acute food insecurity

ESA Working Papers 06-10
Christopher B. Barrett [ 2006 ]
This paper reviews the role of food aid in response to humanitarian emergencies. It outlines a set of basic principles [...]

Food aid as part of a coherent strategy to advance food security objectives

ESA Working Papers 06-09
Christopher B. Barrett [ 2006 ]
This paper outlines a coherent strategy for the use of food aid in addressing food insecurity. It surveys recent literature [...]

Assessing the impact of food aid on recipient countries: a survey

ESA Working Papers 06-11
Titus O. Awokuse [ 2006 ]
This paper surveys the economic literature on the impacts of food aid on recipient countries. The paper reviews the conceptual [...]

Less-favoured areas: looking beyond agriculture towards ecosystem services

ESA Working Papers 06-08
Leslie Lipper, Prabhu Pingali, Monika Zurek [ 2006 ]
Many dryland regions are considered less favoured areas as they face a variety of either biophysical or socio-economic constraints to [...]
In this paper we examine the effects of the composition (between private and public goods) of government expenditures in the [...]

Putting payments for environmental services in the context of economic development

ESA Working Papers 06-15
David Zilberman, Leslie Lipper, Nancy McCarthy [ 2006 ]
Paying for the provision of environmental services is a recent policy innovation that is attracting much attention in both developed [...]

The experience of conditional cash transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean

ESA Working Papers 06-07
Sudhanshu Handa, Benjamin Davis [ 2006 ]
This paper discusses the experience of six conditional cash transfer programs in Latin America, a model of social safety nets [...]

Choosing to migrate or migrating to choose: migration and labour choice in Albania

ESA Working Papers 06-06
Carlo Azzarri, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza [ 2006 ]
While sustainable economic growth, poverty reduction, and the management of migration flows are among the most pressing items on the [...]