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Transaction costs, institutions and smallholder market integration: potato producers in Peru

ESA Working Papers 05-04
Irini Maltsoglou, Aysen Tanyeri-Abur [ 2005 ]
The paper analyses the impacts of transaction costs on the degree of household market integration using survey data collected from [...]

Familiar faces, familiar places: the role of family networks and previous experience for Albanian migrants

ESA Working Papers 05-03
Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Marco Stampini [ 2005 ]
Using data from the 2003 Albania Panel Survey, the paper sets out to achieve two main objectives. First, we fully characterize [...]

Agricultural policy and food security in Liberia

ESA Working Papers 05-11
James Tefft [ 2005 ]
Improving access to food through broad-based participation in income-generating activities in key agricultural supply chains, together with the development of [...]

Moving away from poverty: A spatial analysis of poverty and migration in Albania

ESA Working Papers 05-02
Alberto Zezza, Gero Carletto, and Benjamin Davis [ 2005 ]
This paper analyses recent patterns of migration and poverty in Albania, a country that following the collapse of the communist [...]

Monitoring poverty without consumption data: An application using the Albania panel survey

ESA Working Papers 05-01
Carlo Azzarri, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis and Alberto Zezza [ 2005 ]
In developing countries poverty is generally measured with expenditure data. Such data are difficult and costly to obtain and it [...]

Investing in agriculture for growth and food security in the ACP countries

ESA Working Papers 04-22
Jakob Skoet, Kostas Stamoulis, Annelies Deuss [ 2004 ]
Countries in the ACP region will face significant challenges in the years to come as they try to step up [...]

Will buying tropical forest carbon benefit the poor? Evidence from Costa Rica

ESA Working Papers 04-20
Suzi Kerr, Alexander Pfaff, Romina Cavatassi, Benjamin Davis, Leslie Lipper, Arturo Sanchez, Joanna Hendy  [ 2004 ]
We review claims about the potential for carbon markets that link both payments for carbon services and poverty levels to [...]

Estimating poverty over time and space: Construction of a time-variant poverty index for Costa Rica

ESA Working Papers 04-21
Romina Cavatassi, Benjamin Davis, Leslie Lipper [ 2004 ]
This paper presents the construction of a spatially explicit, nationally disaggregated measure of poverty over time in Costa Rica. The [...]

Effects of poverty on deforestation: distinguishing behaviour from location

ESA Working Papers 04-19
Suzi Kerr, Alexander Pfaff, Romina Cavatassi, Benjamin Davis, Leslie Lipper, Arturo Sanchez, Jason Timmins [ 2004 ]
We summarize existing theoretical claims linking poverty to rates of deforestation and then examine this linkage empirically for Costa Rica [...]

Understanding vulnerability to food insecurity: Lessons from vulnerable livelihood profiling

ESA Working Papers 04-1
Christian Romer Løvendal, Marco Knowles, Naoko Horii [ 2004 ]
The Food Security and Agricultural Projects Analysis Unit (ESAF) of FAO has undertaken a number of pilot studies to develop [...]