Agricultural Development Economics

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Working Papers

ISSN 2521-1838 

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As shown empirically for many transition economies, even small changes in assumptions on economies of size and adult equivalence scales [...]

National agricultural biotechnology research capacity in developing countries

ESA Working Papers 04-14
Joel Cohen, John Komen, José Falck Zepeda  [ 2004 ]
Adequate public research capacity is key to the appropriate development of biotechnology, including genetically modified (GM) crops. While commercial crops [...]

Poverty, livestock and household typologies in Nepal

ESA Working Papers 04-15
Irini Maltsoglou, Kiyoshi Taniguchi [ 2004 ]
Agriculture and livestock are key components of the livelihoods of the poor. Livestock make a substantial contribution to household livelihoods’ [...]

Food insecurity and vulnerability in Viet Nam: Profiles of four vulnerable groups

ESA Working Papers 04-11
Food Security and Agricultural Projects Analysis Service (ESAF) [ 2004 ]
This report documents the main findings of the vulnerable profiling work carried out in Viet Nam, in cooperation with national [...]

Public attitudes towards agricultural biotechnology

ESA Working Papers 04-09
Thomas J. Hoban [ 2004 ]
The full benefits of agricultural biotechnology will only be realized if consumers and food manufacturers consider it safe and beneficial. [...]

Food insecurity and vulnerability in Nepal: Profiles of seven vulnerable groups

ESA Working Papers
Food Security and Agricultural Projects Analysis Service, Christian Lovendal [ 2004 ]
This report documents the main findings of vulnerable group profiling work in Nepal. It identifies the characteristics and investigates the [...]

The economic impacts of biotechnology-based technological innovations

ESA Working Papers 04-08
Greg Traxler [ 2004 ]
Global adoption of transgenic crops reached 67.7 million hectares in 2003 from 2.8 million in 1996. Delivery has occurred almost [...]

Private research and public goods: Implications of biotechnology for biodiversity

ESA Working Papers 04-07
Terri Raney, Prabhu Pingali [ 2004 ]
The pattern of crop genetic diversity has changed over the past two centuries with the modernization of agriculture, accelerating with [...]

Interactions between the agricultural sector and the HIV/AIDS pandemic: Implications for agricultural policy

ESA Working Papers 04-06
Thom S. Jayne, Marcela Villarreal, Prabhu Pingali, Günter Hemrich [ 2004 ]
This paper considers how the design of agricultural policies and programmes might be modified to better achieve policy objectives in [...]

Globalisation of Indian diets and the transformation of food supply systems

ESA Working Papers 04-05
Prabhu Pingali, Yasmeen Khwaja  [ 2004 ]
This paper examines the change in the nature of food demand in India in the last twenty years. It identifies [...]