Agricultural Development Economics

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Resource abundance, poverty and development

ESA Working Papers 04-03
Erwin H. Bulte, Richard Damania, Robert T. Deacon [ 2004 ]
The negative correlation between resource endowments and GDP growth remains one of the most robust findings in the empirical growth [...]

Conflicts, rural development and food security in West Africa

ESA Working Papers 04-02
Margarita Flores [ 2004 ]
This paper examines food security in the context of conflict in West Africa. The analysis developed in the paper [...]
The understatement or omission of the environmental costs and benefits associated with forest management options results in project evaluations and [...]

Do futures benefit farmers who adopt them?

ESA Working Papers 03-20
Sergio H. Lence [ 2003 ]
The present study shows how to use a simulation approach to quantify the effects of making a futures market available [...]
Increasing problems of rural unemployment in Indonesia are at the core of this report. Numbers of unemployed increased dramatically after [...]
Eggs have been important elements of cooking and nutrition in Indonesia for centuries, mostly supplied from ducks and backyard chickens. [...]

The economics of food safety in developing countries

ESA Working Papers 03-19
Spencer Henson [ 2003 ]
This paper aims to provide an overview of issues associated with the economics of food safety in developing countries. It [...]
This paper reviews agricultural and food security performances of developing countries after the Uruguay Round. In particular, issues and trends [...]
The purpose of the present Conceptual Framework document, developed in the context of FAO’s “Initiative to Review and Update National [...]

Can public transfers reduce Mexican migration? A study based on randomized experimental data

ESA Working Papers 03-16
Guy Stecklov, Paul Winters, Marco Stampini, Benjamin Davis [ 2003 ]
Prior research on Mexican migration has shown that social networks and economic incentives play an important role in determining migration [...]