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Food insecurity, poverty and agriculture: a concept paper

ESA Working Papers 02-15
Sumiter S. Broca [ 2002 ]
This paper argues for a twin-track approach to hunger and poverty reduction that combines measures to promote rural development through [...]
Poverty and food security in most countries are highly heterogeneous phenomena. Both types and depth of poverty, measured in a [...]
This paper examines the PROGRESA and PROCAMPO cash transfer programs in Mexico and evaluates their impact on household food security [...]
The policy reforms introduced in Latin America in the 1980s and 1990s have induced profound and beneficial changes in the [...]

Analysis of food consumption behavior by Japanese households

ESA Working Papers 02-06
Wen S. Chern, Kimiko Ishibashi, Kiyoshi Taniguchi, Yuki Tokoyama [ 2002 ]
The objective of this research is to analyze the food consumption patterns and to conduct econometric analysis of food demand [...]

Overview of smallholder contract farming in developing countries

ESA Working Papers 02-04
Phil Simmons [ 2002 ]
An agribusiness firm’s choice to expand activities through contract farming rather than plantations, buying directly from open markets or other [...]
While Nicaragua over the past decade has ranked among the poorest countries in Latin America in terms of per capita [...]

Gender, networks and Mexico-US migration

ESA Working Papers 02-03
Benjamin Davis, Paul Winters [ 2002 ]
In this paper, we examine whether the causes and patterns of Mexican rural female migration differ significantly from rural male [...]
This article explores the role of migrant networks in Mexican rural out-migration focusing on how network composition influences rural-to-rural, rural-to-urban, [...]

Assets, activities and income generation in rural Mexico: factoring in social and public capital

ESA Working Papers 02-05
Paul Winters, Banjamin Davis, Leonardo Corral [ 2001 ]
In recent years, there has been increasing emphasis in the rural development literature on the multiple income-generating activities undertaken by [...]
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