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Biotechnology R&D: Policy options to ensure access and benefits for the poor

ESA Working Papers 03-08
Carl E. Pray, Anwar Naseem [ 2003 ]
The majority of biotech research and almost all of the commercialization of genetically engineered crops has been done by private [...]

Social capital and poverty: Lessons from case studies in Mexico and Central America

ESA Working Papers 03-12
Margarita Flores and Fernando Rello [ 2003 ]
The aim of this article is to study the relations between social capital (SC) and the result of the efforts [...]
This paper deals with consumption dynamics and its effects on poverty. An econometric model is proposed in which changes in [...]

Large farm debt in Ukraine

ESA Working Papers
David Sedik [ 2003 ]
The present study analyzes the nature of Ukrainian farm debt by investigating whether the debt servicing problem of Ukrainian farms [...]

Rural finance without markets in Ukraine, 1991-2000

ESA Working Papers 03-01
David Sedik [ 2003 ]
Three institutional pillars form the foundations of sustainable financial markets: The existence of a pool of profitable and diverse rural [...]

Globalization and food and nutrition security in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus

ESA Working Papers 03-04
David Sedik, Doris Wiesmann  [ 2003 ]
Despite falling per capita incomes in these countries, globalization has probably not led to a deterioration of food security in [...]

Explaining success in reducing under-nourishment numbers in Ghana

ESA Working Papers
Emmanuel Aggrey-Fynn, Godsway Banini, Andre Croppenstedt, Yvonne Owusu-Agyapong, George Oduru [ 2003 ]
In particular public sector and private formal sector employees and export farmers benefited from the complete turnaround in the macroeconomic [...]
This paper contains the main results of a FAO study on staple food prices and real wages in Afghanistan during [...]

Does better nutrition cause economic growth? The efficiency cost of hunger revisited

ESA Working Papers 02-11
Xiaojun Wang, Kiyoshi Taniguchi [ 2002 ]
This paper considers the impact of the nutritional status on the growth rate of real GDP per capita. In particular, [...]

Conditionality and the impact of program design on household welfare: comparing two diverse cash transfer programs in rural Mexico

ESA Working Papers 02-10
Benjamin Davis, Sudhanshu Handa, Marta Ruiz Arranz, Marco Stampini, Paul Winters [ 2002 ]
In this paper, we examine how the design of cash transfer schemes influences household welfare outcomes with particular reference to [...]