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The filters to exit rural poverty: An analysis of the complementarities of assets in developing countries

ESA Working Papers 11-01
William Foster, Alberto Valdés, Benjamin Davis, Gustavo Anríquez [ 2011 ]
This paper explores a 15-country household data base to evaluate the impact of three key assets (land, education and infrastructure) [...]

Rising food prices and undernourishment: A cross-country inquiry

ESA Working Papers 10-01
Gustavo Anríquez, Silvio Daidone, Erdgin Mane [ 2010 ]
Households’ welfare in developing countries has been hit by dramatic food prices increases which occurred between 2005 and 2008. In [...]

New tools for old problems: can payments for watershed services support sustainable agricultural development in Africa?

ESA Working Papers 09-10
Giacomo Branca, Leslie Lipper, Bernardete Neves, Dosteus Lopa, Iddi Mwanyoka [ 2009 ]
Agriculture affects both the quantity and quality of water available for other uses, and under current production systems the impact [...]

A profile of the rural poor

ESA Working Papers 09-04
Alberto Valdés, William Foster, Gustavo Anríquez, Carlo Azzarri, Katia Covarrubias, Benjamin Davis, Stefania DiGiuseppe, Tim Essam, Tom Hertz, Ana Paula de la O, Esteban Quiñones, Kostas Stamoulis, Paul Winters, Alberto Zezza [ 2009 ]
This paper has two main objectives. Firstly, it provides an overview of trends in the magnitude, location and nature of [...]

Wage inequality in international perspective: Effects of location, sector, and gender

ESA Working Papers 08-08
Thomas Hertz, Paul Winters, Ana Paula de la O, Esteban J. Quiñones, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza [ 2008 ]
This paper uses the well-known Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition technique to understand the determinants of wage-gaps between men and women, between urban [...]

Rural population change in developing countries. lessons for policymaking

ESA Working Papers 08-09
Gustavo Anríquez, Libor Stloukal [ 2008 ]
Rural agriculture uses more than one-third of the earth’s land and employs more than 40% of the population, a figure [...]
This paper suggests a methodology for estimating the effects of higher food prices on global undernourishment. The paper also presents [...]

Patterns of rural development: a cross-country comparison using microeconomic data

ESA Working Papers 08-06
Paul Winters, Timothy Essam, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza, Calogero Carletto, Kostas Stamoulis [ 2008 ]
This article proposes a general pattern of rural development in which rises in per capita income are associated with a [...]

The impact of rising food prices on the poor

ESA Working Papers 08-07
Alberto Zezza, Benjamin Davis, Carlo Azzarri, Katia Covarrubias, Luca Tasciotti, Gustavo Anriquez [ 2008 ]
This paper analyzes the household level impact of an increase in price of major tradable staple foods in a cross [...]
In the light of an expanding rural non-farm (RNF) sector in developing rural economies, this paper explores the effects of [...]