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Biggin’ it up – food security and obesity in Jamaica and St Lucia

ESA Working Paper 11-15
ESA Working Papers
Panagiotis Karfakis, Christian Romer Løvendal, Kristian Thor Jakobsen [ 2011 ]
This paper explores two different aspects of food security, namely undernourishment and overweight in the two Caribbean Islands of Jamaica [...]

Impact of increasing prices of agricultural commodities on poverty

ESA Working Paper 11-14
ESA Working Papers
Panagiotis Karfakis, Jackeline Velazco, Esteban Moreno, Katia Covarrubias [ 2011 ]
The present paper attempts to identify the groups of households that most likely will face positive or negative welfare consequences as [...]
Smallholder farmers and poor rural households are vulnerable to both economic and social shocks which hamper their participation in agricultural activities. [...]

Gender differences in assets

ESA Working Paper 11-12
ESA Working Papers
Terri Raney, Gustavo Anríquez, Andre Croppenstedt, Stefano Gerosa, Sarah Lowder, Ira Matuschke, Jakob Skoet [ 2011 ]
Agriculture can be an important engine of growth and poverty reduction. But the sector is underperforming in many countries in [...]

A review of empirical evidence on gender differences in non-land agricultural inputs, technology, and services in developing countries

ESA Working Paper 11-11
ESA Working Papers
Amber Peterman, Julia Behrman, Agnes Quisumbing [ 2011 ]
This paper reviews existing microeconomic empirical literature on gender differences in use, access, and adoption of non-land agricultural inputs in [...]

Intra-household bargaining, gender roles in agriculture and how to promote welfare enhancing changes

ESA Working Paper 11-10
ESA Working Papers
Holger Seebens [ 2011 ]
This paper investigates the meaning of female empowerment and presents the argument why empowerment is needed. Empowerment is treated as [...]
Ester Boserup’s book Women’s role in economic development marked an important step in understanding the position of women in developing [...]

Mainstreaming gender sensitivity in cash crop market supply chains

ESA Working Paper 11-08
ESA Working Papers
Ruth Vargas Hill, Marcella Vigneri [ 2011 ]
This paper considers the impact of gender specific constraints on the production and marketing of cash crops. Cash crop production [...]

Rural women’s access to financial services: Credit, savings and insurance

ESA Working Paper 11-07
ESA Working Papers
Diana Fletschner, Lisa Kenney [ 2011 ]
This paper reviews rural women’s access to financial services, a key factor of successful rural development strategies. Designing appropriate financial [...]

Gender differentiated asset dynamics in Northern Nigeria

ESA Working Paper 11-06
ESA Working Papers
Andrew Dillon, Esteban J. Quiñones [ 2011 ]
This paper examines gender differentiated asset dynamics over a 20 year period (1988-2008) in Northern Nigeria. The paper first examines [...]