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Understanding the dynamics of food insecurity and vulnerability in Orissa, India

ESA Working Papers 07-28
D. Tripathy, A. Masefield, N. Horii, M. Knowles, C.Romer Løvendal, M. Riggs [ 2007 ]
This paper documents the main findings of a study on food insecurity and vulnerability in the Indian state of Orissa [...]

Food prices and food security in Trinidad and Tobago

ESA Working Papers 07-27
Christian Romer Løvendal, Kristian Thor Jakobsen, Andrew Jacque [ 2007 ]
The economy of Trinidad and Tobago is booming, in particular as a consequence of increased energy production and the historical [...]
This paper investigates the impact of migration and remittances on asset holdings, consumption expenditures, and credit constraint status of households [...]
Drawing on case studies from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Somalia and Sudan, this paper focuses on policy, [...]

Investing back home: return migration and business ownership in Albania

ESA Working Papers 07-08
Talip Kilic, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza [ 2007 ]
In view of its increasing importance, and the dearth of information on return migration and its impacts on source households, [...]

Agricultural policy impact analysis with multi-market models: a primer

ESA Working Papers 07-26
André Croppenstedt, Lorenzo Giovanni Bellú, Fabrizio Bresciani, Stefania DiGiuseppe [ 2007 ]
Many governments intervene directly in agricultural product, in particular food, markets. A quantitative assessment of the impact of the policy [...]

Rural development and poverty reduction: is agriculture still the key?

ESA Working Papers 07-02
Gustavo Anríquez, Kostas Stamoulis [ 2007 ]
This paper examines the relationship between rurality and poverty, and the role the agricultural sector can play in rural development, [...]

Determinants of investment in Bulgarian family farming

ESA Working Papers 07-07
Tom Hertz [ 2007 ]
This paper documents a relationship between non-farm income (primarily earnings and pensions) and agricultural outlays in Bulgaria, using the 2003 [...]

Understanding the dynamics of food insecurity and vulnerability in Himachal Pradesh

ESA Working Papers 07-22
N.S. Bist, M. Tiwary, C.S. Vaidya, M. Punjabi, S. Vasan, M. Knowles, C.R. Lovendal, K.T. Jakobsen [ 2007 ]
This paper documents the main findings of the vulnerable profiling work carried out in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India, [...]

An assessment of the impact of higher yields for maize, soybean and cassava in Indonesia: A multi-market model approach

ESA Working Papers 07-25
Bambang Sayaka, Sumaryanto, Masjidin Siregar, André Croppenstedt, Stefania DiGiuseppe [ 2007 ]
The changing structure of food demand will generate pressure to diversify away from cereals. It is therefore important that cereal [...]