Agricultural Development Economics

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Putting payments for environmental services in the context of economic development

ESA Working Papers 06-15
David Zilberman, Leslie Lipper, Nancy McCarthy [ 2006 ]
Paying for the provision of environmental services is a recent policy innovation that is attracting much attention in both developed [...]

The experience of conditional cash transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean

ESA Working Papers 06-07
Sudhanshu Handa, Benjamin Davis [ 2006 ]
This paper discusses the experience of six conditional cash transfer programs in Latin America, a model of social safety nets [...]

Choosing to migrate or migrating to choose: migration and labour choice in Albania

ESA Working Papers 06-06
Carlo Azzarri, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza [ 2006 ]
While sustainable economic growth, poverty reduction, and the management of migration flows are among the most pressing items on the [...]

Food aid's intended and unintended consequences

ESA Working Papers 06-05
Christopher B. Barrett [ 2006 ]
This paper surveys the existing empirical evidence on the unintended consequences of food aid. Micro-level evidence is presented on the [...]

When are payments for environmental services beneficial to the poor?

ESA Working Papers 06-04
David Zilberman, Leslie Lipper, Nancy McCarthy [ 2006 ]
The impact of payment for environmental services (PES) on poverty varies. Generally, PES is good for landowners and may negatively [...]
Wheat is central to the government of Egypt’s food security policy which is based on increasing self-sufficiency in wheat on [...]

The role of crop genetic diversity in coping with agricultural production shocks: insights from eastern Ethiopia

ESA Working Papers 06-17
Romina Cavatassi, Jeffrey Hopkins, Leslie Lipper [ 2006 ]
Improving agricultural productivity and farm level resilience to agricultural production shocks is a critical component of reducing poverty and improving [...]

Household income structure and determinants in rural Egypt

ESA Working Papers 06-02
André Croppenstedt  [ 2006 ]
Egypt is on track to achieve its long-term goal of reducing the poverty rate to 6 percent by 2022. Continued [...]

Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger: towards a coherent policy agenda

ESA Working Papers 06-01
Prabhu Pingali, Kostas Stamoulis, Randy Stringer  [ 2006 ]
Alleviating hunger and poverty has been and continues to be the pre-dominant policy challenge facing global and national decision makers. [...]

From the green revolution to the gene revolution: how will the poor fare?

ESA Working Papers 05-09
Prabhu Pingali, Terri Raney [ 2005 ]
The past four decades have seen two waves of agricultural technology development and diffusion to developing countries. The first wave was [...]