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Right to food making it happen
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Since the adoption of the Voluntary Guidelines to support the progressive realization of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security (Right to Food Guidelines) by FAO Council in 2004, a number of countries, associations, individuals and organizations embarked on putting the right to food into practice through advocacy, policy making, legislation, monitoring, assessment and the strengthening of institutions. These insights, experiences and lessons learned were presented and discussed at the Right to Food Forum held at FAO from 1st to 3rd October 2008. The case studies from five different countries were discussed in more detail on that occasion . The publication Right to Food – Making it Happen is a summary of three days of exchange on different issues related to country level implementation of the right to food that took place at FAO’s Right to Food Forum, including a more in-depth discussion on five countries . It is an effort to share real and practical experiences in a human rights-based approach to combat food insecurity with a particular focus on one fundamental human right – the right to food – as recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).