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Budget work to advance the right to food
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Recognition in the law does not, in itself, ensure that food will be available and accessible to all. To ensure that the right to food really means something, governments (in collaboration with civil society) need to develop policies, plans and programmes that are effective in addressing food issues and advancing the right to food. This is where a government’s budget comes in, because policies, plans and programmes cannot be implemented without funding. And in some ways, governments’ budgets are a truer measure of their commitment to realizing the right to food than are their policies and plans. ‘Putting your money where your mouth is’ is the familiar and simple way of saying that it is easier to talk about a problem than to do something about it. That is why people sit up and pay attention when a government allocates a lot of money to an area, because they see large allocations as a real measure of what the government thinks is important.