Agricultural Development Economics


Targeting Public Spending to Expand Export and Marketing Opportunities for Key Commodities
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Public expenditure on agriculture and rural development in Burkina Faso has not adequately targeted the main factors which depress producers’ prices of most key commodities: few and inadequate rural roads, a lack of transport capacity and poorly organized transport and marketing activities. These constraints lead to value chains which are poorly integrated into national, regional and international markets, and, in many cases, prevent producers from receiving higher prices. MAFAP analysis suggests that the following measures would make transport and marketing activities more efficient: - Increasing public expenditure on infrastructure. Special emphasis should be given to roads that link producers to markets and markets to each other. - Increasing agricultural expenditure aimed at improving marketing services for producers, as well as marketing infrastructure and storage facilities. - Expanding the government’s share of public expenditure on marketing, storage and transport infrastructure to ensure sustainability of public spending, the proportion of donor funding being particularly high.