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Mali Outputs

Discussion Papers

Diakité, L., A. Sidibé, M. Smale, and M. Grum, (2008), Seed Value Chains for Sorghum and Millet in Mali: A State-Based System in Transition. IFPRI Discussion Paper 749.

Smale, M., L. Diakité, B. Dembélé, I. Seni Traoré, O. Guindo, B. Konta, (2008), Trading Millet and Sorghum Genetic Resources: Women Vendors in the Open-Air Markets of San and Douentza, Mali. IFPRI Discussion Paper 746.

Policy Briefs

Smale, M., L. Diakité, and M. Grum, (2009), Millet and Sorghum Seed in the Sahel, Mali. IFPRI Issue Brief, N. 59.

Smale, M., M. Cohen, and L. Nagarajan, (2009), Local Markets Local Varieties: Rising Food Prices and Small Farmers' Access to Seed, IFPRI Issue Brief, N. 59.

Communications and Outreach


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IFPRI Blog entry (March 2008)

Farm Radio Weekly (February 4, 2008)