Foundations of CountrySTAT e-learning course

The Foundations of CountrySTAT e-learning course has been designed to train statistical experts, data users and producers, and decision makers, this quality multimedia self-learning facility allows for online learning anytime and anywhere.

The comprehensive module includes a number of lessons and assessments using practical examples for the collection, harmonization, standardization, validation, and dissemination of data from the food and agricultural sector. Consequently, the course will help improving data quality based on international standards, and users’ capability in standardizing local data. In this context, the course puts emphasis on providing accurate metadata as a fundamental support for the reliability of data. Other than providing basic and advanced training for data producers, a successfully completed course facilitates the process of official national data publication on the CountrySTAT websites.

It comes in addition to the technical and administrative assistance given to the partnering countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia from FAO Rome headquarters.

The overall concept of the course focuses on the statistics module of CountrySTAT:

• Uniform training across all member countries.
• Online self-assessment quiz.
• Combining text, images, animations and streaming videos.
• Providing clear and simple explanations.

The module is freely accessible and takes 4 - 5 hours.