Gambia launches CountrySTAT system

On 8 July 2013 Gambia officially launches its national CountrySTAT system. The event is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. at the premises of Paradise Suits Hotel located in Senegambia Area.

CountrySTAT is a web-based information system that allows gathering and monitoring of national and sub-national food and agriculture data in compliance with international standards. Easily accessible and maintained, it provides a solid framework for an improved accessibility of reliable and timely data, which is essential for implementing better policies and investments in agriculture. The implementation of this system will also help to strengthen the collaboration between statistical institutions, ministries of agriculture and other relevant institutions in the country.

CountrySTAT system in Gambia started its activities on data collection and harmonization in 2012. Members of CountrySTAT National Secretariat from Gambia attended CountrySTAT Regional Training in Lusaka in November 2012. They took this knowledge and promptly applied it  to organize their first Technical Working Group meeting in December 2012 which was funded by the UNDP. The meeting was very productive and the Secretariat continued their work with the aim to officially launch the system in 2013.

The official launch of CountrySTAT creates an opportunity for the policy-makers, government officials, development partners and other participants to get acquainted with the value-added of the system and to learn how it can be used to improve data quality and to support the policy making process.