Guinea-Bissau launches CountrySTAT for Food and Agricultural Statistics

On 30 May 2013 the Ministry of Agriculture officially launched the CountrySTAT system of  Guinea-Bissau.

CountrySTAT Guinea-Bissau is the result of a close collaboration between the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) and FAO to improve the quality, accessibility, relevance and reliability of food and agriculture statistics.

Reliable and timely statistics help to better understand food supply and demand dynamics and therefore are an important tool for policy-makers and analysts, particularly in the fight against hunger and poverty. Effective collaboration between the national statistical institutions made data harmonization, validation, and standardization possible.

The establishment of CountrySTAT Guinea-Bissau is another example of an effective and fruitful collaboration between FAO and a Regional Organization towards better accessibility of agricultural statistics within an open data network.

Beside the Ministry of Agriculture, the following key stakeholder institutions were involved in the implementation of CountrySTAT: Ministry of Economics and Regional Integration, National Statistics Institute (INE) and Cabinet for Food Security Planning – Food Stocking, National Meteorological Institute (INM) – Rainfall Values – Temperature – Humidity, Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy - Directorate General of Aquatic Resources,  State  Secretariat of Fisheries - Directorate General Fisheries, State Secretariat for the Environment, Directorate General of Environment, Ministry of Commerce - Directorate General of External Trade.