World Map of CountrySTAT

Main objective of the statistical module is to improve and promote the reliability of data to be disseminated on CountrySTAT website as a collection of national agriculture primary data that fulfils the quality criteria defined by the international standards.

The activities focus on the collection, harmonization and validation of national data during the Technical Working Group meetings (TWGs), in order to make the data coherent and consistent.

The above activities involve the reviewing of statistical methods for data collection, as well as other methods and treatment techniques that are adopted by the countries.

In addition to the continuing remote assistance, two main tools have been developed to support and maintain the countries’ commitment, to facilitate and refresh the learning process after formal trainings, and to promote CountrySTAT approach on data quality:

• E-Learning tool, which includes lessons on producer and user statistical needs,  building up statistical technical skills based on the data dissemination process, and the data quality international standards.

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• Statistical reference manual which contains insights on how to apply the standards common to FAOSTAT and CountrySTAT including the data quality requirements. The manual has been build up with the feedback from the countries and best practices.