CountrySTAT Consultative Meeting

1 - 3 December 2013, Casablanca, Morocco

Back-to-back with the 23rd session of the African Commission on Agriculture Statistics (AFCAS). The Consultative Meeting will present:

• The main achievements and lessons learned from the CountrySTAT projects.

• The innovations in the CountrySTAT system using the FENIX platform and future technological developments such as the Open Data Network for sharing Agriculture and Food Security Information and web-based geospatial data management tools, semantic search engines and mobile data collection.

• Best practices of the CountrySTAT System: Ownership and sustainability, increased data availability/accessibility through the national One-Stop-Centre on Food and Agriculture statistics.

• Future Vision: Strengthening sustainable development of rural and agricultural statistical information targeting better integration of new scalable information technologies, to support food security and decision-making based on facts.


Terms of reference of the working group

Looking toward a new vision for CountrySTAT

pdf Statistics Component 

pdf Communication, Institutional Framework, Partnerships and Building Capacity component

pdf IT Component

pdf  Closing Ceremony

pdf  Final Report

pdf  List of Participants

pdf  Conclusions and Recommendations



Mr Paul N’Goma-Kimbatsa, CountrySTAT Team Leader
Main achievements of CountrySTAT projects and lessons learned

Mr Azzabi Zouraq, CountrySTAT Lead Statistician
Limitations and future of CountrySTAT

Ms Stone, Country Project Officer:
Status of Recommendations from the last CountrySTAT Consultative meeting

Mr Grita, Systems Support Officer
Current limitations and future vision of CountrySTAT

Mr Schmidhuber, Deputy Director, Statistics Division FAO-Rome
Introduction, background and objectives of the meeting

Mr Lassina Pare, Coordonnateur national Countrystat Burkina
Présentation de Countrystat BURKINA: Guichet unique national sur les statistiques de l’alimentation et de l’agriculture

Mr Abner K. Ingosi, National Coordinator Kenya:
Implementing the CountrySTAT institutional framework and strengthening collaboration with the key National structures in Kenya

Mrs Atanga Nkodo, Director of Surveys and Agricultural Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture of Cameroon
Ownership and sustainability of CountrySTAT – Cameroon success story

Mr Patrice Annequin, International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), Programme coordinator
CountrySTAT & partnership 

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