CountrySTAT - Burundi organizes Technical Working Group meeting

The National Secretariat and the Technical Working Group (TWG) of CountrySTAT-Burundi organized a working group meeting from 9 to 12 October 2012 at the Hotel Rehoboth in Gitega. Representatives of governmental structures involved in the collection of data on food and nutrition statistics as well as the representatives of the FAO office in Burundi participated in this meeting. The meeting was opened by Ms. Hope Kamariza, National Coordinator of CountryStat-Burundi and Head of agricultural statistics and information to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

The overall objective of this TWG meeting was to validate the data published on the website CountrySTAT - Burundi in order to ensure the availability of reliable agricultural and food statistics, accessible to the general public and policy makers for better planning. Specific objectives of the workshop were to harmonize, analyze and validate data collected by the members of the TWG and the National Secretariat of CountrySTAT- Burundi, as well as to identify and update key indicators for data availability in Burundi.

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Gitega, Burundi
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