Second CountrySTAT Consultative Meeting
High-Level Seminar for Government Officials on CountrySTAT

The aim of the Consultative Meeting was to study the status of CountrySTAT activities in current project countries and to confer with Member Nations and relevant regional and international stakeholders on the further development and harmonization of agricultural statistical activities to be planned and conducted under the FAO CountrySTAT Initiative.

Feedback at country level was collected from the directors of the partner institutions to provide the conceptual framework for the continuation and growth of CountrySTAT for SSA.

Along with representatives from each of the 17 project countries and the project Donor, the Consultative Meeting involved Regional Organizations and concerned international institutions such as UEMOA, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the “Observatoire économique et statistique d’Afrique Subsaharienne” (AFRISTAT), the African Development Bank, the World Bank and many others.

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Accra, Ghana
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