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FAO cooperates with national statistical offices and ministries of agriculture in order to help them to use the system, know methodologies, organize and disseminate data. With CountrySTAT, a statistical information system and a strategic tool in development planning towards food security, FAO is committed to build national capacities.

At country-level, experts are learning, experiencing and implementing CountrySTAT. Here are a few testimonials as collected in Rome, during a hands-on Training Workshop (October 2009):

1) Abner K. Ingosi, Head, National Coordinator of CountrySTAT, Food Security and Early Warning Servicies - Ministry of Agriculture (Kenya)
“CountrySTAT helps to collect and analyze data that are fundamental for decision-makers, even though there are some constraints such as the lack of personnel and money and the slowness of internet connection”.
Duration: 2min.19sec.
Format: mp3

2) Mr Francis Dzah, Agriculture Statistics, Ghana CountrySTAT Coordinator - Ghana Statistical Service (Ghana)
“CountrySTAT allows both producers and users - government officials, members of Parliament, researchers and students - to think about agriculture statistics by using a unique integrate system”.
Duration: 2min.35sec.
Format: mp3

3) Mr Benjamin Bisa Banda, Statistician of National Statistical Office (Malawi)
“CountrySTAT users have a better approach to statistic information because data coming from different institutions have been put together and they are easily accessible through the use of internet. It helps to understand market direction and trends”.
Duration: 1min.26sec.
Format: mp3

4) Mr Karpo Dukpa, Policy and Planning Division, Statistical Unit - Ministry of Agriculture (Bhutan)
“The Ministry of Agriculture Statistical Unit of Bhutan has managed, thanks to CountrySTAT, to schedule and put together a lot of data on crops, livestock and forestry. Our workload is also reduced”.
Duration: 2min.5sec.
Format: mp3

5) Mr Ndubuisi Chukwuemeka Onyeri, National Coordinator, Principal Statistician - Federal Ministry of Agricultural & Water Resources (Nigeria)
“With a click you can get what you want and be able to make comparisons and judgements and to guide decisions, for example in the regulation of food prices in Nigeria.”
Duration: 1min.56sec.
Format: mp3

6) Ms Joyce Urasa, Principle Statistician of National Bureau of Statistics (Tanzania)
“CountrySTAT facilitates statisticians in providing and receiving information and it strengthens collaboration between the National Bureau of Statistics of Tanzania and various Ministries”.
Duration: 1min.6sec.
Format: mp3

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