23 Aug 2010 - Maputo, Mozambique
De facto, dados estatísticos que compilei a partir de peritos ligados a um Projecto da FAO, denominado CountrySTAT, [...] no caso de Moçambique [...] (com)provam que esta minha hipotetica resposta seria a mais certa, porque em termos agrícolas, o pais ainda é mesmo virgem.
12 Aug 2010 - Lilongwe, Malawi
The Malawi CountrySTAT project, scheduled to be launched in the next few months, has been described as an imporant tool expected to harmonise various agricultural statistics among stakeholders in Malawi, according to a report.
18 Jul 2010 - Abuja, Nigeria
On what statistical data do we base policies on food and agriculture? Are they based on individual Ministry, Department or Agency (MDAs)'s generated data? Or is it on harmonised data from individual MDAs for better and acceptable figure which of course we do not have for now?
14 Jul 2010 - Kampala, Uganda
THE Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) in conjunction with the ministry of Agriculture have launched the CountryStat, a web-based information system that delivers improved access to better quality statistics on food and agriculture at national and sub-national levels.
12 Jul 2010 - Morogoro, Tanzania
The Morogoro working session made up of 14 experts were drawn from the Secretariat of the CountrySTAT, a web based system designed for Tanzania by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).