16 May 2010 - Dakar, Sénégal
In view of the oncoming launch of CountrySTAT Sénégal, on 20 May 2010 the CountrySTAT coordinators will hold a press conference at the Direction de l’analyse et des prévisions statistiques (DAPS), Dakar, to present challanges and goals of the project.
07 May 2010 -
According to Mr Paul N'Goma Kimbatsa, Lead Technical Officer of CountrySTAT and representative of the Direction of FAO Statistics Division, if governments realize that Agriculture is the first of priorities, this will already be a giant step towards the solution of problems related to food insecurity.
30 Apr 2010 -
The site is a global initiative to enhance sustainable agricultural development and food security by improving the use of information, communication, and associated technologies in the sector.
15 Apr 2010 - Douala, Cameroun
Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV) interviews Mr. Ndzodo, Director of Agricultural Surveys and Statistics Cameroon, where CountrySTAT is being successfully implemented.
09 Apr 2010 - Accra, Ghana
Dr. Grace BEDIAKO made the official launch of CountrySTAT Ghana, in Accra, on Thursday 3 December 2009. The launch ceremony was also attended by Ms Diana TEMPLEMAN, Technical Team Coordinator of FAO and Regional Officer for Africa, and Mr Bernard MFODWO, Director of the Information and Statistics Office of the [...]