05 Aug 2013 - Freetown, Sierra Leone
CountrySTAT is a statistical framework to improve governance of national statistics system for food and agriculture. It disseminates, at a unique access point, food and agricultural statistics at national and international level. It provides one-stop centre for official statistics on agriculture, food and nutrition. The inception training workshop of the [...]
24 Jul 2013 - Addis Ababa, Ethipoia
The fourth Ethiopian Secretariat and Technical Working Group (TWG) workshop on CountrySTAT was held from 24 to 26 July 2013, in Addis Ababa. This workshop was jointly organized by the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) and FAO.
08 Jul 2013 - Banjul, Gambia
On 8 July 2013 Gambia officially launches its national CountrySTAT system. The launch creates an opportunity for the policy-makers, government officials, development partners and other participants to learn how it can be used to improve data quality and to support the policy-making process.
28 Jun 2013 - Bujumbura
The Ministry of Agriculture and the Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi jointly launched the CountrySTAT system of Burundi on 28 June 2013.  
12 Jun 2013 - Mombasa
The 2nd meeting of the Regional Technical Working Group (RTWG) Workshop for the Collection and Validation of National Food and Agricultural Data for the member countries of the East African Community (EAC)  was held from 12- 14 June 2013 in Mombasa, Kenya.