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National Demonstration Centre

The NDC on Food Security and Consumption Statistics from Household Income and expenditure Surveys (HIES) is a regional training activity where two participants from countries, one from the National Statistical Organization office and one from the National Office in charge of Food Security are invited.

The objectives of these meetings are to strengthen countries' statistical analytical capability for assessing and monitoring of the food situation in the country; and to derive relevant food security and consumption statistics from food data collected from recent surveys through the application of the FAO methodology.

A key aspect of this training is the use of the Food Security Statistics Module (FSSM) software - a set of statistical programs and procedures developed by FAO statistics, for the estimation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 1.9, and other food security indicators at national and sub national levels. 


Previous meetings

New Delhi, India
25 - 29 May 2009

Latin America and the Caribbean
San José, Costa Rica
7 - 11 April 2008

Bamako, Mali
6 - 10 August 2007

Near East
Cairo, Egypt
16 - 26 April 2005

Eastern Europe and Baltic States
Sinaia, Romania
22-31 March 2004

Accra, Ghana
15-25 September 2003