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Technical assistance projects

FAO Statistics provides technical assistance to countries for improving the food consumption statistics used for food security assessments at the global, regional, national and sub-national levels. It supports countries to enhance the processing and analysis of food consumption statistics derived from household income and expenditure surveys (HIES), household budget surveys (HBS), Living Standards Measurement Surveys (LSMS), and Multiple Purpose Surveys (MPS).

Data on food consumption, in terms of quantity and monetary values from household surveys, are useful for estimating food deprivation (undernourishment) at national and sub-national levels. Additional data on income and demographics (such as age, gender, etc) allow for a more in-depth analysis of sub-national population groups.

The overall objective is to help countries in estimating food consumption indicators which are used by policy makers in the planning of interventions for alleviating hunger and poverty among the population through direct cooperation with the national statistical office and other national institutions in charge of food security.

The capacity building through technical assistance to countries is provided with financial support from organizations such as the European Commission and the World Bank.