Technical assistence projects - Africa region

Issues of stability, sustainability and effectiveness of statistical institutions to respond to data demands in the rural sector remains a major concern in most of the countries in Africa. With the increasing and complex data demand in support of the new development agenda and priorities (food security, food prices, climate change, etc.), the gap between data availability and demand is actually widening.

Technical assistance projects are carried out across Africa to strengthen food and agricultural statistics. The objectives are varied, and include:

1. Contributing to the analysis of existing country PRSPs and Food and Agricultural Statistics Systems.
2. Contributing to the development of sustainable food and agricultural statistics systems as components of PRSPs in a more effective legal and institutional framework.
3. Improve the capacity of national staff within countries to analyse and disseminate relevant existing data for use by policy-makers more effectively.
4. Share good practices in food and agricultural statistics collection, processing, analysis and dissemination.