Technical assistence projects - Asia and Pacific

Many countries in the Asia and Pacific Region have developed their statistical capability on food and agricultural statistics through training and adoption of modern sampling techniques and census methods for various statistical activities. However, data analysis and dissemination are still weak especially in many developing and food deficit countries in the region.

National capacity for data analysis in many countries has been identified as contributing to the failure to formulate adequate policies and plans to support sustained agricultural development, reduce the level of food insecurity and hence, find a more lasting solution to completely eradicate poverty.

Agricultural survey programmes, where they exist, are often confined to gathering production statistics for major crops. Crop forecasts and statistics on consumption, cost of production, stocks and flow, capital formation, nutrition and socio-economic profiles are seldom available on a regular basis. Moreover, in addition to difficulty in accessing timely data, lack of good documentation of national practices with respect to methodology, concepts and definitions for many statistics make it difficult for international data users to determine the quality and comparability of food and agricultural statistics.