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Technical Consultation -cum- Capacity Building Workshop on SDG Indicator 2.a.1: Agriculture Orientation Index (AOI) for Government Expenditures
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Rome, Italy

Increasing investment in agriculture is a means of implementation of SDG Goal 2: Zero Hunger. SDG Indicator 2.a.1 supports monitoring government expenditure on agriculture towards the achievement of Target 2.a, which aims to increase investment, including through enhanced international cooperation, in rural infrastructure, agricultural research and extension services, technology development and plant and livestock gene banks in order to enhance agricultural productive capacity in developing countries, in particular least developed countries.”

SDG Indicator 2.a.1 compares the central government’s contribution to agriculture relative to the sector’s contribution to the economy, where agriculture includes forestry and fishing.

Technical Consultation -cum- Capacity Building Workshop is being organized by FAO, the custodian agency for the indicator, in partnership with IMF and regional agencies. The event will be attended by some 15 countries representing all regions, including both reporting and non-reporting countries. 

Economic, Food security, Investment
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