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FAO launches new statistical information system in its member countries

10 Jun 2010

According to CountrySTAT Kenya National Coordinator Mr Abner Ingosi, CountrySTAT is an easy, fast  web-based interface, accessible from anywhere.  At a CountrySTAT Kenya technical Working Group meeting in Nairobi, Mr Ingosi said the system has promoted partnership between different statistical institutions [...]

Access to information: The Food Stats agenda

04 Jun 2010

While this year’s World Press Freedom Day came and went with no sign that the long-awaited Access to Information Bill would be discussed by Parliament and passed into law, the [...] (FAO) CountrySTAT initiative [...] shows that it is possible to provide vital statistical information in [...]

CountrySTAT Zambia : "Information is power"

31 May 2010

CountrySTAT programme provides the power needed by policy makers to make informed decisions in order to improve food security. It will contribute to the country’s efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of reducing hunger and poverty, which is also central in both the Sixth National [...]

A press conference on the launch of CountrySTAT Sénégal (in French)

16 May 2010

A press conference was held for the launch of CountrySTAT Sénégal, on 20 May 2010. The CountrySTAT coordinators presented challenges and goals of the project at the Direction de l’analyse et des prévisions statistiques (DAPS), Dakar.

Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics - 23

26 Apr 2010 - 30 Apr 2010

Siem Reap, Cambodia

APCAS 23 was organized to: (i) assess the current status of food and agricultural statistics in member countries; (ii) inform the member countries about the FAO activities in food and agricultural statistics during the preceding biennium, particularly in Asia and the Pacific; and (iii) discuss new [...]