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Lack of roads and railways condemn millions of Mozambican peasants to eternal poverty

27 Aug 2010 -

"No economic activity can be developed and become a viable business; no matter how much you produce, you cannot sell'', says a farmer, who prefers to keep his identity anonymous.

Moçambique tem um imensurável potencial agrícola mas cerca de 50 % do seu povo sofre duma subnutrição aguda (only in portuguese)

23 Aug 2010 -

De facto, dados estatísticos que compilei a partir de peritos ligados a um Projecto da FAO, denominado CountrySTAT, [...] no caso de Moçambique [...] (com)provam que esta minha hipotetica resposta seria a mais certa, porque em termos agrícolas, o pais ainda é mesmo virgem.

UBOS launches agricultural information site

14 Jul 2010 -

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) in conjunction with the ministry of Agriculture have launched the CountryStat, a web-based information system that delivers improved access to better quality statistics on food and agriculture at national and sub-national levels.

Workshop on methodology for the compilation of supply utilization accounts and Food Balance Sheets

13 Jul 2010 -

FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy

The Workshop is designed to bring together a group of experienced economists, nutritionists, and statisticians from both inside and outside of FAO and to provide a forum to discuss the uses of SUA/FBS, identify strengths and weaknesses of the current compilation system, discuss alternative approaches and procedures to improve the [...]

Web system set to revolutionize economy

12 Jul 2010 -

The Morogoro working session made up of 14 experts were drawn from the Secretariat of the CountrySTAT, a web based system designed for Tanzania by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).