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Updated trade data and mapping version of trade flows

03 Feb 2011 -

Trade statistics are an important data source for both governments and private sector decision makers. This updated set of trade data and mapping version of the detailed trade flow covers 600 individual food and agriculture commodities.

New data on agricultural machinery

14 Dec 2010 -

New dataset on agricultural machinery and equipment is now available for 217 countries for the period 1961-2008. Statistical data is important in the analysis of global and regional policies; to assist governments, non-governmental organisations and commercial organisations in sectoral planning and budgeting.

International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS-V)

12 Oct 2010 - 13 Oct 2010

Kampala, Uganda

The theme of the conference was ''Integrating Agriculture into the National Statistical System''. The theme is the primary pillar of a recent initiative by the international community to assess and improve the quality of agricultural statistics.

Lack of roads and railways condemn millions of Mozambican peasants to eternal poverty

27 Aug 2010 -

"No economic activity can be developed and become a viable business; no matter how much you produce, you cannot sell'', says a farmer, who prefers to keep his identity anonymous.

Moçambique tem um imensurável potencial agrícola mas cerca de 50 % do seu povo sofre duma subnutrição aguda (only in portuguese)

23 Aug 2010 -

De facto, dados estatísticos que compilei a partir de peritos ligados a um Projecto da FAO, denominado CountrySTAT, [...] no caso de Moçambique [...] (com)provam que esta minha hipotetica resposta seria a mais certa, porque em termos agrícolas, o pais ainda é mesmo virgem.