International Conference on Agricultural Statistics IV

The fourth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS-IV) hosted by the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS) and sponsored by FAO along with other international, regional, and national organizations will take place on 22-24 October 2007 in Beijing, China.

Development of agricultural statistics
The Conference will focus on the fundamental issues related to the development of agricultural statistics within an integrated national statistical system. The theme of this Conference, Advancing Statistical Integration and Analysis, highlights many new directions and areas in agricultural statistics. The Conference promises a truly diverse and exciting programme consisting of plenary keynote speeches delivered by prominent speakers in this field, round table discussions and parallel sessions led by outstanding organizers from all over the world. These are supplemented by poster presentations and exhibitions.

Discussions and debate
Through discussion and debate, the Conference will provide a forum to facilitate a better understanding of the relationship between economic, social, political, and geographic issues related to rural development and the reduction of poverty; and ultimately to identify, maintain, and establish the core indicators needed for policy and decision making. To promote wide use of agricultural statistics, the Conference will, in particular, stress the importance of statistical harmonization and the need for comparability between countries. The detailed Conference Programme is available at the Conference website.

Social activities
In addition to the wide variety of technical presentations, the Conference participants will see traditional Chinese performances of Beijing opera and acrobats on the first evening while tasting the genuine and delicious Chinese cuisine at the official dinner. Commercial services for pre- and post-Conference tours and social activities are also available at the Conference site at favorable discount rates. October, known as the beautiful "Golden Autumn Season", is the best month to visit Beijing.

The conference is open to the entire international agricultural statistical community, both producers and users of agricultural statistics such as statisticians, researchers, analysts and decision-makers from government agencies, academia, business and private sector, as well as the development community including international and regional organizations. Given the location of the Conference, agricultural statisticians with experience of Asia are particularly encouraged to participate. Detailed and updated information can be found at the Conference website.