FAO/UEMOA regional workshop on the CountrySTAT system

Bamako, Mali, 11 to 15 July 2011

This FAO / UEMOA workshop offers basic training to national officers and UEMOA CountrySTAT on the system. Around 25 participants from Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Togo, Burundi, Mali ETDE CountrySTAT regional team at the headquarters of the UEMOA will participate.

The workshop is organized under the project UTF/UEM/002/UEM "Support for the implementation and development of the CountrySTAT System in Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Togo and the headquarters of the Commission of UEMOA" , aims to provide basic training on the three CountrySTAT system components (statistics, IT and communication) in accordance with international standards (FAOSTAT).

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