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Research on improving methods for estimating crop area, yield and production under mixed, repeated and continuous cropping


This Working Paper provides a review of the literature on methodologies used for estimation of crop area and crop yield in developed and developing countries.

FAOSTAT estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from biomass and peat fires


Quantifying global greenhouse gas emissions from biomass and peatland fires. The Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED3) and the FAOSTAT Emissions database, containing estimates of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from biomass burning and peat fires, are compared. The paper was published in Climatic Change.

Guidelines on International Classifications for Agricultural Statistics


The guidelines bring together comprehensive information on statistical classifications, in particular those used for agricultural statistics, and provide a convenient reference framework for the application of international standards at national level.

Handbook on master sampling frames for agricultural statistics


This handbook is intended as a reference document providing technical and operational guidance on various aspects of the development and use of an MSF for agriculture in several different country conditions, with an emphasis on developing countries.

World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2020
Volume I: Programme, concepts and definitions


This publication provides guidance on agricultural censuses carried out by countries in the period between 2016-2025. The WCA 2020 will ensure that data collected are comparable at the international level while also addressing the main emerging information needs of the 21st century.

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